Asian Dance Organisers


Article I. Name

The name of the organization is Asian Dance Organisers.

The official abbreviation is ADO.

Article II. Headquarters

The Headquarters/Registered Office of the Asian Dance Organisers shall be the residence of the President currently holding office.

Article III. Official Language

The official language to be used in meetings, correspondence and reports shall be English.  Documents may be translated into the local languages of the ADO members for distribution.

Article IV. ADO

ADO is the assembly of Competitive Dance Organisers in Asia.

Article V. Purpose

  1. To conduct dance competitions in Asia in order to educate, enhance, and promote the “Art of Dancing” in Asia.
  2. To provide intra co-operation within the ADO by sending the adjudicators and competitors to the competitions organized by fellow ADO members.
  3. To provide an environment of peace, freedom, and unity where all member organisers are able to conduct their competitions and championships.
  4. To support and to co-operate with the World Dance Council, as its affiliate member.
  5. To grant recognition for organisers of Asian Dance Organisers championships and all kinds of dance events in Asia.
  6. To conduct the annual “Asian Ranking Series” championships in Asia to determine the top ranking Asian Dancer of the year.

Article VI. Asian Region

The Asian Region is defined as any country or region within Asia, including those countries or regions designated as such by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Annual General Meeting of ADO.

Article VII. Membership

Honorary Member

Asian Dance Organisers (ADO) may elect as Honorary Member for life, any person who has rendered outstanding services to ADO or to the dance profession.

Affiliate Member

Any organiser outside the Asian Region may become an affiliate member of Asian Dance Organisers(ADO).

Application for Membership

  1. Application for Membership must be sent in writing to the Secretary General of the Asian Dance Organisers.
  2. All Members & Affiliate members must agree to adhere to the Constitution and any Rules and Regulation passed by ADO.

Membership Application Investigation Committee

  1. The Membership Application Investigation Committee shall examine all aspects of the applicants’ applications including the personal qualifications of the organiser or that of the organization including its constitution, the number of organisations, including individual members, and the financial situation.
  2. Membership Application Investigation Committee Members are as follows;
    • ADO President (1)
    • ADO Vice-President (5)

ADO Ranking Committee

  1. The ADO Asian Series Ranking Competition Rules are set down by ADO Ranking Committee
  2. ADO Ranking Committee Members are as follows;
    • Lawrence Chan (Hong Kong)
    • Terence Lay (Hong Kong)
    • Se Young Lee (Korea)
    • Jane Liu (Chinese Taipei)
    • Aleena Tan (Singapore)


A Member may resign from the ADO, at any time, by sending a registered letter or by e-mail to the Secretary General.  Such resignation does not affect that Member’s financial obligation for the current year.

Article VIII.  The right to vote

A founder member possesses the voting right in the meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Asian Dance Organisers.

Article IX. Annual Dues

  1. Members are required to pay annual dues (1st January to 31st December) of US$1000 (one thousand US dollars), which may be determined at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Asian Dance Organisers by a simple majority, and this may be amended at the subsequent AGM.
  2. Payment of subscriptions for each year of membership shall be made on or before the 31st of January for that year.
  3. Non-payment of the annual dues, within the grace period, may result in loss of Membership pribileges.
  4. A period of grace of six months shall be allowed for the late renewal of the registration of a membership.

Article X. Officers

The officers of Asian Dance Organisers shall be:

  1. The President (1)
  2. Vice-Presidents (5 maximum)
  3. Treasurer (1)

The term of the officers shall be for three years and shall be elected by the ADO AGM, every three years.

Article XI. Secretary General

The Presidium shall appoint a Secretary General.  The duties of the Secretary General are, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Record all minutes of meetings of the ADO and the Presidium.
  2. Notify all members of ADO of the date, place and the time of the meetings.
  3. Be responsible for implementing all decisions made at all meetings.
  4. The ADO may at its discretion, when deemed necessary, appoint an assistant to the Secretary General.  This person shall work under the direction of the Secretary General.
  5. Shall set up and run the Website for ADO.
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