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“Asian Series” Dance Championships
Asian Dance Organisers

1. The Purpose
The purpose of the “Asian Series” Dance Championships is to determine the competitors’ annual rankings in Asia, by points accumulated in these championships and to promote the development and the enhancement of dance, as well as, the technical improvement of competitors of member countries of the Asian Dance Organisers, (herein after, stated as ADO).

2. Official Recognition and the Organisation of Championships.
The ADO shall grant recognition of the Championships and shall be organised and run by the member organisers.

3. The Place and the Number of Championships
The Championships shall be conducted once annually per country by the member organiser.

4. Title
The Championships title shall be [xxAsian Series yy Dance Championships ww]. XX denotes the last two digits of the Western calendar year, yy the numerical order held within the year, and ww designates the location of the venue (the name of country or the name of city, or its equivalent).

5. Contents of Championships
World Dance Council registered competitors are able to participate in the Championships and shall be an “Asian Region Closed Championships.”
The Championships must include both the “Ballroom Division” and the “Latin American Dance Division,” and the competitors must be able to dance in both divisions.
There must be 4 dances in the qualification rounds and 5 (including Viennese Waltz and Jive) dances in the semi-finals and finals.

6. Recognition Fee.
The organisers must charge five US dollars, per couple, participating in the Asian Series Championships to be paid to the ADO. (The money collected will become a part of the annual ranking award).

7. Adjudicators
(1) Minimum number of Adjudicators
a. There must be more than 11(eleven) adjudicators for each division and be not more than 1/3 (one-third) of the adjudicators from the organising country. The adjudicator may adjudicate in both divisions.
b. The above rule only for the Open division ( which event have oversea couples entry ), not for all division.

(2) Registration of Adjudicators
a. Any Adjudicator wishing to adjudicate the Asian Series Dance Championships must be registered as an International Adjudicator with the World Dance Council.

b. The selected adjudicators will be confirmed for identification by their passports, instead of by their WDC International Adjudicator’s License.

(3) Adjudicators per country
At Asian Series championships, only one adjudicator from any one country will be permitted. If this is not possible, it is permitted to allow two Adjudicators from the host country to Adjudicate.

(4) Announcement of Adjudicators Names
For all Asian Series events the names of the Adjudicators must be made public one month before the date of the event. The host country must inform all the names of adjudicators to ADO Office, and then ADO Office inform them to all member countries.

(5) Adjudicators and Immediate Family
a. An adjudicator must retire from an adjudicating panel on any occasion when he has a member of his immediate family, or any member of the same household dancing in a particular heat of a competition.

b. Immediate Family is defined as first cousin or above.

(6) Adjudicators’ Fee and Expenses
a. Travel Expenses and Fee
Full travel expenses (economy class rates apply), plus a minimum fee of USD500 per day shall be paid for adjudicating.

b. Accommodation and Subsistence
Hotel accommodation and subsistence expenses must also be met for a minimum of two days.

(7) Payment of Fees
Adjudicators’ Fees, reimbursement of travel expenses must be paid by the organizer to the Adjudicators on the first day of the competition, or upon arrival at the hotel venue

8. Ranking points
The ranking points shall be determined according to the list shown on a separate sheet.
The ranking for the semi-finals shall be determined by the number of adjudicators’ marking points in the semi-finals. Competitors achieving equivalent marking points shall be ranked the same.
When there are more than 13 couples in the semi-finals, the ranking scores shall decrease by 1 (one) point starting with 25 points. However, the lowest score shall be set at 21 points. (13th place shall be 24 points, 14th place shall be 23 points.)

9. Annual Ranking
The annual rankings shall be determined by the competitor’s own combined accumulated points from three top championships in the series.
When the points are equivalent, the ranking shall be determined by the points obtained in the fourth championships. However, in case the competitors’ points are still equivalent, the higher ranking shall be determined by the points accumulated in the championships that had more number of competitors participating in the event.

10. Award Winners
Prize monies shall be given to the annual top 12 rankings.
Couples ranked in the top 12 rankings, in the previous year, shall be exempted from dancing in the first rounds of championships with over 36 couple entries, and will also be exempted from dancing in the second rounds of championships with over 60 couple entries.

11. Minimum Prize money


Place Prize Money
1st Place USD2,000.
2nd Place USD1,500.
3rd Place USD1,000.
4th Place USD800.
5th Place USD600
6th Place USD400
7th Place USD200
8th Place USD200
9th Place USD200
10th Place USD200
11th Place USD200
12th Place USD200

12. Changes to the Rules
(1) Proposals for changes to the Rules
Changes to these Rules are made by the Asian Dance Organizers (ADO) Meeting. Proposal for changes to these Rules should be submitted to the Chairman of the ADO no later than 1 month prior to the Meeting of the ADO. The chairman will arrange for them to be considered by the ADO Meeting.

(2) Adoption of changes to the Rules
Any change to these Rules must be carried by a majority of two-thirds of those entitled to vote at the ADO Meeting at which the proposal is considered. Any change shall be deemed to take effect at the end of the ADO Meeting at which the changes were carried.

13. The Ranking Chart

Ranking Point
1st Place 80
2nd Place 75
3rd Place 70
4th Place 65
5th Place 60
6th Place 55
7th Place 50
8th Place  45
9th Place 40
10th Place 35
11th Place 30
12th Place 25
4th Qualification 20
3rd Qualification 15
2nd Qualification 10
1st Qualification 5

14. The aid to the host country
(1) The help of the competition holding
For the economic reason, the member country which can not hold an Asian series is able to apply for the aid to Asian Dance Organisers.

(2) The aid
The validity of the aid and the amount of money will be decided by the ADO Meeting.

15. Violation of the rule
(1) Whenever there is a violation of the above rule, then the organizer will lose the right to hold the Asian Ranking Series in the following year and it will be given to another Associate Member of the same country, instead. However, the points for the Asian Ranking Series event will remain valid.

(2) There must be a majority number of over-seas judicators judging the event. (For example: 5 overseas adjudicators out of a total of 9 adjudicators, or 6 over-seas adjudicators out of a total of 11 adjudicators.)
However, the organizer can include the additional remaining number of adjudicators from the host country to complete the total number of the adjudicating panel.
However, only half-point Asian Ranking points will be given to this Asian Ranking Series event.

16. Validity : Effective from 1st , February, 2016

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