The Asian Dance Organisers (ADO) has been established in February of 2016. ADO aims to promote the development of the Asian dancing community through the organization of competitive dance competitions, and thereby providing a smooth and friendly exchange of cultural relationships between the West and the East.

The dancing industry in Asia occupies an important place within the structures of the world economy. ADO believes that the organization of grand scale dance competitions will help to efficaciously invigorate our economy in Asia.

The ADO will organize the following 2017 Asian Dance Tour Series:

  1. Asian Open Dance Championships
    26th February, Tokyo, Japan
  2. Taipei Open
    28th February, Taipei, Taiwan
  3. Korea Open
    5th March, Seoul, Korea
  4. China Open
    10th March,   Shanghai, China
  5. Hong Kong World Superstar Championships
    12th March,  Hong Kong, China

The above Asian Dance Tour Championships have become one of the most prestigious and renowned dancing events in the world.
I would like to invite any organisers in Asia, who would like to join the ADO and then organise their Asian Dance Tour Series champions to contact the ADO directly.

Sincerely yours,

Isao Nakagawa,
Asian Dance Organisers (ADO)

(From left to Right: Se Young Lee, Lawrence Chan, Jay Park, Terence Lay, Isao Nakagawa, Anna Nakagawa, Jane Liu, Sammy Liu, Lu Ning, Junichiro Kusunoki)

Asian Dance Organisers Officers

President/Isao Nakagawa
Vice-President/Sammy Liu, Junichiro Kusunoki, Jay Park, Terence Lay
Chief Liaison Officer/ Lawrence Chan
Treasurer & Secretary General/Akihiro Yokomichi